MIX BAG: Ducks, Perdiz, Doves and Golden Dorado fishing.

Best mixed bag in South America, combining a premier lodge and first-class hospitality

Since 2004 Jason Catchings’ has played host to wing-shooters from around the world, and stakes a claim as the starting point for wing-shooting in Uruguay.

There are few places in the world where one can hunt high volume doves at a huge roost, eager decoying ducks in dry comfortable blinds, and world-class Perdiz hunting with a variety of great dogs in beautiful settings all while enjoying one lodge with supreme accommodations. Jason Catchings’ Hunting and Fishing Adventures, L.L.C. has such a place.

This lodge is one of the finest remote and peaceful bed and breakfast Estancias in western Uruguay. Secured long before wing-shooting in Uruguay became famous, Jason Catchings’ Hunting and Fishing Adventures, L.L.C. first and longest lasting partnership, and continues to offer wonderful accommodations and service for our guest.

Just a short drive down the road and minutes from the relaxing accommodations, are any number of Black River’s famous dove roosts. Its location in the heart of western Uruguay’s agriculture belt provides some of the greatest wing-shooting opportunities found anywhere in South America. More specifically, The Estancia is located in Colonia La Paz, province of Paysandú, just 60 kilometers from the town of Young. The relationship with the local farmers and landowners gives us a great advantage in securing the most productive shooting fields, and most exclusive lodges. This is one of two lodges secured by Jason Catchings’ Hunting and Fishing Adventures L.L.C. in Western Uruguay, and is primarily reserved for large ducks, Perdiz and dove hunting groups.

The other lodge, is just minutes down the road, and creates great flexibility in accommodating even the most demanding wing-shooters. Being located just minutes from our mixed bag lodge (Estancia Cangue) helps us accommodate even the largest dove hunting groups without sacrificing comfort or service.

Large parties or corporate groups are given the opportunity to share the hunt together, enjoy drinks, appetizers, and dinner together, while also being able to reside to their fully staffed estancia and private rooms. This provides unsurpassed quality, service, and camaraderie for large wing-shooting parties.

In addition, it has a direct link with Argentina across “Gral Artigas” International Bridge. This bridge connects Paysandú with the famous wing-shooting province of Entre Rios, Argentina just 1 hour and a half driving from Santo Domingo lodge where the paradise of ducks really exists. So guest flying into Buenos Aires can be easily accommodated at Santo Domingo lodge, hunt 2 days of high volume ducks and 2 or 3 days of mix bag at La Paz lodge in Uruguay, this program gives you the opportunity to hunt high volume ducks in Argentina and the best Perdiz & doves in the world in Uruguay with no more than 1.5 hours driving between transfers. Your time is valuable, so we create hunting programs where you spend time hunting and relaxing, not in a van or plane.

A full staff is always on hand for guest of Jason Catchings’ Hunting and Fishing Adventures at lodge, and the dove hunting is spectacular during every month of the year. The lodge’s unique exterior can be deceiving; it functions beautifully as a hunting lodge. With 7 double bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, the lodge can accommodate up to 12 hunters at a time. There is a grand living room and lounge, a separate dining area, a gun and tackle room and a popular outdoor fire pit with sitting area and open bar. Guests at lodge can expect traditional Uruguayan cuisine prepared by a professional chef, accompanied by fine regional wines. Internet access is fully available at the lodge, as is phone service and direct TV as well as A/C in all rooms. Capacity: 7 double rooms with 6 bathrooms – single rooms are not surcharged (subject to availability).

  • Dining room, living room, sitting room and gun room
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa, Jacuzzi, and Sauna, massage upon request
  • Wi-Fi, Direct TV and telephone
  • Wines and spirits
  • Maid service
  • Laundry service
  • Gift shop
  • Gun rental – 12, 20 and 28 Gauge (Beretta and Benelli Semi-Auto)
  • Professional hunting guides
  • Bird boys

The lodge offers three different shooting options from the same lodge along with Dorado fishing available upon request. All options are 10-45 minutes from the estancia. Each morning you will hunt wild Perdiz in short grass pastures over pointing English Setters / Brittany Spaniels / German Short Hairs

or ducks in lagoons and ponds nearby. Every day you will return to the lodge for lunch or stay for BBQ in the field to enjoy the traditional ¨As ado¨. Afternoons include a high volume dove shoot at a vast roost 35 minutes from the estancia or hunting on the property.

Hunting Season :

Perdiz – May 01 – July 31
Ducks -May 01 – September 15
Dove -Year round
Dorado fishing -Year round

Species :

The Lodge is not your average wing-shooting estancia. The Lodge is one of South America’s few TRUE 3-feather mixed-bag hunting destinations and golden Dorado fishing. We offer incredible duck, dove and Perdiz hunting all from one luxurious lodge. Hunters also have the option of adding Golden Dorado fishing to the bird hunting. The Lodge is ideally situated in the midst of over 100,000 acres of agriculture fields, sorghum fields, soybean fields, cattle pastures, ponds and riverfront making it a virtual sportsman’s paradise with game so abundant you’d have to see to believe.

Duck Hunting (May 01 – Sept 15)

The duck hunting in Uruguay has always been good, particularly in the upper western part of the country. But minimal local and commercial hunting over the years has limited the hunting pressure. The limited pressure, coupled with the area’s huge food supply and numerous ponds, make for ideal duck hunting conditions. From late fall through the winter, this part of Uruguay is home to a variety of exotic duck species including the Rosy-Billed Pochard, White-Faced Whistling Duck, Brazilian Teal, Brown Pintail, Speckled Teal, Ringed Teal, Southern Widgeon, Cinnamon Teal and Silver Teal. Our guides guides work hard to ensure Uruguay duck hunting at its best. Restrictions on the hunting of some species may apply, accordingly with the government regulations.

Perdiz Hunting (May 01 – July 31)

There is nothing like the thrill of hunting Perdiz behind well-trained dogs. In Uruguay Perdiz hunting is an obsession and it shows. We have some of the best dog handlers in all of Uruguay – locals that have been training dogs and hunting Perdiz their entire lives. This vast experience pays off in the field,

offering some of Uruguay’s most consistent Perdiz hunting. In addition to the great guides, the area’s perfect habitat and abundant food make for thriving Perdiz populations.

Dove Hunting (Year-Round)

Western Uruguay’s greatest secret……. Simply the most undiscovered wing-shooting opportunity in South America, the dove hunting in the western provinces of Uruguay offers the same popular high-volume dove hunts that made Argentina famous all those years ago. Just to the east of Cordoba, Argentina, and split by the Uruguay River, lie the wing-shooting provinces of western Uruguay. More specifically, the regions of Paysandú and Rio Negro are home to many of the country’s largest dove roosts. The terrain across Uruguay not only supports the enormous dove population, but also offers beautiful shooting opportunities in its endless rolling hills, blooming agriculture fields, and countless tributaries. For centuries, the doves in Uruguay have shown natural tendencies to roost near the Uruguay River system as it provides a reliable water source for the local populations. As the largest producers of sunflower, wheat, corn, and grapes, it is easy to see why Uruguay is swarming with doves. Aside from the number of birds in the region, the fact that they fly constantly throughout the day is a dove hunters dream.

Much of Uruguay’s appeal comes from shooting doves over different terrain, in different situations, and in new locations. The doves will fly continuously from sun up to sun down, so it is easy to relax, pick your shots, and enjoy the day. In Uruguay, the choice is yours, spend the morning hidden amongst acres of sunflowers, soybeans, or sorghum as the doves swarm the fields, or situate near one of the hundreds of small tributaries off of the Uruguay River as flock after flock bombard these popular water holes, or even spend the evening on the roosts edge and shoot to your heart’s desire as millions of doves return to roost before sunset. The species that provides this opportunity in Uruguay is the Eared Dove, which is almost identical to the U.S. morning dove. The species breeds nearly year round, and they roost together by the millions in Eucalyptus stands throughout the popular provinces. The overwhelming populations create a nuisance for the farmers and their crops, and they truly enjoy and appreciate the hunter’s attempt at controlling their growth. The bird populations in South America remain one of the great wonders of the world for sportsmen and women who have experienced it. Uruguay truly is the new frontier for high-volume wing-shooting, and any of our roosts will amaze even the well-traveled shooters.

Lodge Location :

Our lodge is located in the northwest region of Uruguay in the state of Paysandú near the river town of Paysandú. The lodge is approximately 225 miles from Montevideo, the capital of this small country. Most commonly, shooters traveling on international flights to Montevideo will be met by a lodge representative who will assist with gun clearance, if necessary, and who will transport the group to the Lodge. The drive is approximately 4 hours through scenic rural Uruguay via paved highway. Other options which may be considered are: Privet Charter from Montevideo: guests arriving into Montevideo may charter to the Paysandú airport (40-minute flight), approximately 30 minutes from the lodge. Private

Charter from Buenos Aires: charters are also available directly to Uruguay from Buenos Aires Argentina Capital. Charters may go directly to Paysandú Airport which is an international airport and offers customs on-site. Important: all charters need to be arranged in advanced and cost may vary according to the size group and fuel cost.

Van transfers from Buenos Aires, Argentina and even Carmelo, Uruguay: guests of Jason Catchings’ may transfer by van from Buenos Aires which is approximately 4.5 hours on paved highway or Carmelo 1.5 hour from the Estancia after 2 hours hydrofoil from El Tigre Argentina.

RATES: all prices are in United States of America Dollars

  • Shooter: $1,080.00 per person per night. This includes three meals, drinks, appetizers, lodging, and drinks in the field.
  • Non Shooter: $540.00 per person per night. This includes three meals, drinks, appetizers, and lodging.
  • Minimum party 4 of people.
  • Gun Rental is $70.00 per person per day. Hunting Licenses & gun permits $320.00 per person.
  • Shells: Between $13.00 to $16.00 per box. We will tell you shell price at time of booking.

Important note:

Clients have the possibility to hunt Perdiz or Ducks in the afternoon for a $240.00 surcharge per person per hunt. We require a minimum of 2 hunters willing to take this option to apply this price per person. This is an option, instead of dove hunting that is included in the original package. A 50% deposit is required to guarantee booking. Final payment is due 60 days before departure.

Payment Terms:

Please note this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date. If you book for a certain amount of people and show up with less the group still owes the full amount for the no shows. All items can be paid for by credit card with a 4% service fee of total bill. The amount is due in United States Dollars.


Meet and assistance on arrival and departure; Lodging; Meals, all wines beer, and local spirits; Professional guide service and pick up boys.

Not Included:

Transfers from airports to lodge or lodge to airport, gratuities for guides and house staff, airfares, gun entry permits, gun rental, hunting license, shells, masseuse, laundry service, phone calls and internet, tours, shopping trips, any items of a strictly personal nature, baggage overweight charges, personal and baggage insurance, transfers and hotels.