Lures for Winter Time Fishing
January 16, 2017
Transition Lures for the Fall Saltwater Fishing
January 30, 2017

Fishing the Transition Spots Correctly!

We are in a transition period across the coast and especially in coastal areas influenced by a river system.

The transition period is a simple process right now to watch on the water. The water has dropped about 6 to 10 degrees, some shrimp and crabs are on the move, crabbers are moving their traps into passes and the river systems, pogies and mullet are rafting up,and the final item is the fact the days are getting shorter.

This means the fish are going to be moving in and out of certain areas based on the tide movement, wind direction, bait location, and how the bottom is configured. Yes this is a lot to consider, but if you take good notes and study the areas you will catch more fish by duplicating this pattern all over your fishing region.

Watch how the bait is coming in and out of an area and what direction are they headed. Try to pay close attention to where you are actually hooking the fish in terms of the mouth and also the water column.

Transition spots are really just highways for fish to travel and feed.

  1. Any point that has natural water flow around it. Stop 100 yards out and start fishing. I like to work in a halfmoon pattern and close the distance to where I can reach the point. Make sure to watch your depth finder and watch the bottom to notice humps, troughs, and deeper holes along that point.
  2. Drains are very important for all types of fish. In terms of baitfish it brings them in and out of a shallow flat or access to reach protected areas. For game fish it is aa great place to ambush bait. One thing we sometimes forget is that when the tide is coming out it could be bringing clear water and cooler watwr with it. Perfect place for fish to relax and feed. On an incoming tide it allows them to reach the shallows and probably find a place to relax and protection.
  3. Reefs, rocks, wells, rip rap, and old pilings are great transition places. A wide variety of junk fishing “meaning tons of options on lures, presentation, and can be fished on incoming, outgoing tides, and even slack tides with confidence. These areas can really be successful on windy days, when there is little tide movement. Do some research on bass fishing and junk fishing or fishing rip rap and apply same techniques and lures to saltwater fishing.

The biggest thing when fishing transition times and spots is to go slow and work the area back and forth from different directions. Make sure to use different lures, sizes, and make mental notes of what is going on.

Next week we will talk transition lures.

Good luck fishing and remember take a kid fishing. When you take a kid make sure to remember the days is about them and not you.